TYCHO Travel Set
Recyclable Bathing Essentials by TYCHO
Tycho Ecofriendly travel set, shampoo, coditioner, and body wash pouches
TYCHO Sustainable Bath and Body Care

TYCHO Travel Set

Regular price$20.00

Your ticket to on-the-go luxury.

Also low-stakes entry into the TYCHO experience. Our sleek, 30ml pouches of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash come packaged in a stylish, frosted waterproof travel bag, complete with a specialized nozzle for easy refilling.

Ideal for weekend jet-setters.

On the fence about to our full-sized 450ml offerings? Let our travel set give you a taste of shower elegance, uncompromised quality, and unparalleled fragrance. Discover why TYCHO is the ultimate upgrade to your daily routine.

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