Sustainability, not guilt.

Guilt is not a strategy, and shame doesn't solve problems. You're not alone, because we've felt that way too. We at TYCHO avoid the polarization surrounding the climate change debate to address a universal concern that we all can measure - waste.

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Our mission is very simple: reduce our garbage footprint. Regardless of your stance on climate issues, we offer a real, tangible solution that makes sense and works for everyone. We are your neighbors. We know less physical garbage is better. Like that huge Amazon box for a 3pk of dental floss packed in balloons.

Navigating the maze of environmental consciousness today is not straightforward. There are conflicting data and divisive debates, it's challenging to know who to trust or what steps to take.

It’s confusing. Consider the recycle numbers. They are called “Resin Identification Codes” or “Ricks” for short. Is this in your vocabulary? How many people really understand it? We throw all of our plastic into the recycle bin and close our eyes. Where does it go, and why is it on my beach?

We’re not here to preach an ideology. We're here to solve a problem by taking a couple of steps back and asking, what we believe, are better questions. Like how we can address waste today and experience a measurable result in our own homes.

We recognize that no solution is perfect, but action is just plainly better than inaction. We continually learn, evolve, and improve as individuals, and we bring this spirit to our products and methods. TYCHO is built on transparency, honesty, and a commitment to doing better. We hope our customers will be our collaborators by contributing ideas to improve our garbage reduction efforts.

You can join us in dissecting the intricacies of waste management, or you can simply trust that we're doing the heavy lifting for you. Either way, any support you give to TYCHO is an endorsement of a more intelligent approach to dealing with waste. We're not claiming perfection, just a commitment to progress.

No gimmicks, no false promises.

- Erik Kaiser, founder