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TYCHO 3+3 Set

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Say goodbye to clutter and single-use plastic bottles with the TYCHO 3+3 Set. This all-in-one package includes three minimalist white dispensers and one of each refill pouch for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Your result?

A unified, design-conscious look for your shower that also helps you reduce waste. Easily refillable and supremely functional, this set simplifies your life while minimizing your garbage footprint. Don't just shower—make a statement.

Order now and take the first step to a more organized, sustainable bathroom.

(3) White TYCHO 500ml Dispensers

(1) 450ml Shampoo refill

(1) 450ml Conditoner refill

(1) 450ml Body Wash refill

(1) Mounting level

Height: 8" (20.2cm)

Width: 4" (10cm)

Depth: 2" (5.3cm)

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